Rehabilitation can change families

When Dr.  Clara White first arrived in Tanzania in the summer of 2018 as a clinical volunteer, this beautiful baby girl was one of her first patients. Born with  Down Syndrome,  at her first visit she couldn’t sit, hold her head up, stand up or talk. After just a month, she was sitting on her own, holding her head up, crawling and saying “mama” and “baba” (for dad). She is working on her balance and standing without help. Her increasing health has reduced pressure in the family and brought them all closer together. 

The Tanzania Rehabilitation Initiative


Pos+ Abilities and its partners service rehabilitation clinics in northern Tanzania, and deliver the first post-graduate educational program in rehabilitation for clinical officers in Tanzania. Currently, front line primary care providers in Tanzania, receive extensive training in infectious diseases and acute care, but little  or no training in rehabilitation. However, as campaigns against malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis are showing great success, chronic musculoskeletal disorders have emerged as the single greatest health burden on the East African economies. Pos+ Abilities is happy to be on the forefront of tackling this important challenge.