Our Projects

The Tanzania Rehabilitation Initiative

Village woman and man wait to be seen at Kanyama Village Dispensary

  We are excited to be a founding member of the Tanzania Rehabilitation Initiative, a collaboration that serves children and families affected by disability, and which enables front-line health care workers in rural Tanzania to upgrade their health care education through an innovative clinical training program. If you would like to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative, please contact us.

Higher education

hands reaching for the sky

Pos+Abilities has been helping children go to school since 2007. Now that the Tanzanian government has made primary education and middle school free for all children, Pos+Abilities is concentrating on higher education and health-related education with a sensitivity to the needs of girls, who historically have been overlooked. 

Community health and education services

Excited kids reach up into the air and jump in their new classroom

Through our clinics  at Magu District Hospital and Kanyama Village, Pos+Abilities has worked with partners at the district council and municipal levels to restore the well being of countless children and their families. We have distributed malaria tents and demonstrated inexpensive ways to purify water.  In this photo, children return to their new classroom in the village of Ushongo, after extensive reconstruction work.  In short, we work with our partners in Tanzania to answer community needs.

Our name

 Pos+Abilities is a program of Global Peace Network, a Canadian not-for-profit organization in operation in Tanzania  since 2007.

 In 2019, we took on an initiative with our partners at the Villages of Hope, SOS Children's Villages, the Tanzania Home Economics Association and Magu District Council to focus on the physical rehabilitation of children, made vulnerable through physical disability and life circumstances.  As we considered the potential of this initiative, we thought of the renewed possibilities that would be available to the children and families involved. Pos+Abilities came to life conceptually, and with the support of those who share our vision, we can begin to  realize it. 

As campaigns against malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis are showing great success, chronic musculoskeletal disorders have emerged as the single greatest health burden on the East African economies. Pos+ Abilities is happy to be on the forefront of tackling this important challenge.