Our Board of Directors


Pos+Abilities Board 2018-19


Our current board of directors consists of  Peter Park, Sarah Phillips,  Rosanna Cheng, Shannon Clark and Brian Budgell 

Our executive committee consists of Brian Budgell, president (brian@posabilities.org),  Peter Park, chief financial officer (peter@posabilities.org) and Shannon Clark, director of marketing and communications (shannon@posabilities.org

Our mission

To contribute to a sustainable, hopeful and progressive future for those most impoverished in the world through the development of health care and the provision of education.

As one strategy to achieve our mission, we collaborate with local individuals, NGOs and governments in order to strengthen local programs and organizations. Our relationships with collaborators are governed by written MOUs and letters of agreement which define precisely the responsibilities of each party.

Our vision

We envision the day when every citizen of the world has access to health care and education.

At our project sites in Tanzania, as well as in other regions where our collaborators work, we see year-on-year improvements in the lives of local people, demonstrating that intelligent international aid works. 

Behind our name

We see the positive abilities in those affected by disabilities; hence, Pos+Abilities

Pos+Abilities is a program of Global Peace Network, a Canadian registered not-for-profit organization in operation since 2005. In 2019, we took on an initiative with our partners at the Villages of Hope, the Tanzania Home Economics Association and Magu District Council to focus on the physical rehabilitation of children made vulnerable through physical injuries and life circumstances.    


Pos+Abilities is a program of Global Peace Network, a registered not-for-profit organization.