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Rehabilitation and health care education in East Africa

About Us

A proud past and an exciting future

Director Sarah Phillips with school children at Ushongo Primary

Since its formation in 2005, Pos+Abilities has helped thousands of children and their families through health care and education. Practical initiatives with local partners have enabled us to create a  sustainable model for increased independence and a brighter future for many more children, their families and health care workers in Tanzania and surrounding areas. 

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The first post graduate education program in rehabilitation

A Tanzanian doctor from Magu District Hospital

 Pos+Abilities is proud to be a founding member of the Tanzania Rehabilitation Initiative – a program to increase accessibility to rehabilitation services for children and families affected by disability. Where many survive on subsistence farming, disabilities such as those incurred through the high rate of road accidents, severely impact quality of life and even survival. 

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100 % return on your donation

Village couple waits outside Kanyama Village Dispensary

 Like many small and medium-sized charities, Pos+Abilities has remarkably low overhead expenses. All of our directors and officers are volunteers, so that all donations go to our projects in East Africa.

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How we work

A group of people with arms encircled

Pos+Abilities is a program of Global Peace Network, a registered Canadian charity, and is administered by a Board of Directors based in Toronto, Ontario with the support of an executive committee and volunteers who assist with fundraising and who travel overseas to deliver care through our clinical network.  Our work is unpaid so that 100 % of donations go to build health and a sustainable future for vulnerable citizens of rural Tanzania. We work with partners in Tanzania to help us determine their needs and who act as our eyes and ears in local communities. 

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Our partners

Posabilities director Brian Budgell with partners from Tanzania Home Economics Association

 Pos+Abilities is partnered with the Magu District Council, the Tanzania Home Economics Association, SOS Childrens Village and Villages of Hope to service rehabilitation clinics in northern Tanzania, and to deliver the first post-graduate educational program in rehabilitation for clinical officers in Tanzania. We also work with the Africa School Assistance Project (ASAP) to support vulnerable youth in  school.

 Our corporate supporters have included: Delta Airlines; Rotary International; K2 Foundation and Health Partners International - Canada

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The Tanzania Rehabilitation Initiative

Pos+Abilities is proud to be a founding member of the Tanzania Rehabilitation Initiative – a program to increase accessibility to rehabilitation services for children and families affected by disability.

We are looking for clinical help for our sites in East Africa and administrative help in Canada. If you can see your part in driving positive change and improving lives in communities in need, read on!

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Our history

Daniel Budgell, founder of Posabilities, stands on the building site of Kanyama Village Dispensary


Pos+Abilities began in 2005 when Daniel Budgell travelled to Tanzania on an aid project to build a rainwater catchment system for a rural health clinic. Struck by the poverty, he  saw an opportunity to help children living in the street and began sponsoring 5 kids whom he sent to school.

When Dan returned to Canada, his friends offered to help and in 2007, Pos+Abilities was formally registered as a Canadian charity under the organizational name of Global Peace Network. From 5 children, we have grown into supporting hundreds over the years and we are now responsible for two rehabilitation centres, one of which is also a birthing centre.

Our mission and vision

smiling volunteers

Our mission: 

To contribute to a sustainable, hopeful and progressive future for those most impoverished in the world through the development of health care and the provision of education to those who have demonstrated need and commitment. 

Vision : 

We envision the day when every citizen of the world has access to health care and education.

From our volunteers

PosAbilities Director Brian Budgell with Andrew Wilson

"It was incredible. Being a clinician and working with local medical officers allowed me to grow professionally and personally. The relationships that I formed through the experience continue to influence my life today. "

Dr. Andrew Wilson on his work at Magu District Hospital and the Kanyama Village Dispensary. 

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Be part of the change you want to see

 We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in greatest need. None of our directors or administrative staff receive any financial compensation, so that 100 % of your donation goes to work on the ground, to help children and their families.  Visit our Canada Helps page to make a donation.  Donations over $20 receive a tax receipt.